Friday, July 4, 2008

The most important thing you will ever read

From legendary Yankee Stadium…to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field…to the treacherous greens of Pebble Beach…to the heartbreaking homestretch of Churchill Downs…

It’s a triumph of the human spirit! Two sides locked in the ultimate struggle! A performance never seen before in the history of mankind! The most important thing you will ever see! Forget the JFK assassination, the moon landing—even Verne Troyer’s sex tape! This is an event like no other!

This is not just a game….this is SPORTS HYPERBOLE!

It’s great, it’s magnificent, it’s a war! It’s a record that will never be broken! It smashed a world record by one point! It’s the greatest game that’s ever been played this week! You need to drop everything you’re doing and watch this spectacular!

You will never see anything like this again.

What sport is it? Who cares!