Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fritz Blitz

I thought I'd start the day off with some things that make me thankful.

The Penguins' ability to play a crappy game for two of three periods and still win. I'm thankful for the Pens in general, but especially for this.

Sid and Geno. And the years of hockey ahead of them. Here. In Pittsburgh.

The Steelers. Despite playing with a battered and bruised offense, a secondary that has more ups and downs than a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, whatever punter they can grab from the stands, and an o-line that sometimes puts me in mind of the Seton LaSalle Girls JV Auxiliary flag football team, they're in position to get a first round bye in the playoffs and are coming on even stronger late in the year.

The Pirates. Yes, you heard me. The Pirates. Even when they don't win (and when do they win?) they're entertaining. Even when they're not playing, (maybe especially when they're not playing) they're entertaining. This week, the Buccos signed two prospects found in a global talent search in India. India? Seriously? Why not, I say. These guys have a background in cricket. From the minimum I know about cricket (it seems to have similar rules to 43-man squamish) there is an awful lot of pitching involved, some hitting things with sticks, and games can last up to five days. Five days! Even the worst rout at PNC with every pitcher in the bullpen getting a turn doesn't go five days. It may SEEM like it, but it doesn't. So why not?

Pitt Basketball. I have a bias for the Women's program, and this year's team is looking to continue where they left off last year. I've found the Men's program to be consistently over hyped and prone to choking. Unreasonable expectations, poor conditioning, coaching weaknesses, who knows, but the Pitt men never seem to live up to their hoop dreams. We'll see how this season shakes out but I'm hopeful the women's program will go even further this year.

Joe Paterno. He plans to come back next year. Not sure how the PSU brass will take that but good on him.

Chad Ocho Cinco.

I love this guy precisely because he does NOT take himself seriously. You'll never find him crying after the game lamenting his perceived lack of respect, his touches, or the media treatment of his quarterback. (Okay, once, he did cry after a game, but I'm convinced he was doing it as a joke.) Chad is hilarious, like a parody of TO and all those other over-rated, under-talented, loud-mouthed Cowboys receivers for the past 20 years. Hey TO? Michael Irvin called. He wants his schtick back. But I love me some Chad Ocho Cinco. Pure comedy gold.

YouTube, for all the great sports clips, for Yinz Love Da Guins, and for the fact that YouTube is blocked at work because if it weren't, I probably would not have a job any more.

The Empty Netters blog on the Post Gazette website, and to Seth for linking the Fritz Blitz on his sidebar. Now, maybe we'll get more than three readers a week! Seriously, though, the EN blog is a gold mine of video clips, links, hockey information, humor, and scary pictures of Brooks Orpik. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.

And finally, I'm most thankful for my co-blogger here, Bob, my hubby, who shares my passion for and love of sports and who keeps me sane and moving in the right direction on a day to day basis. Thanks, honey!


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